Here at Novro Studios we pride ourselves in producing quality, REAL, recordings.  All of our artists have a personal relationship with us and we love to work with you and grow your music to be the best it can be.  Here are some artists we worked with in the past.


Sleepsculptor - A Transmutaion
Evergreen - Encounter The Glorious
Stay Loud - One Shot
Vulturepeak - Wraith
Alex O'Brien - White Walls
Aremanny - Goodbye My Baby


Exciser - Sacrificial Swine (Music Video produced at Novro Studios)
Travis Antoniello - Every Time I Die | The Coin Has A Say Vocal Cover 
Paladins Death - Fading to Black
(Music Video produced at Novro Studios)
Eric Novroski - Archspire | Involuntary Doppelganger  
Toothless - Grinner | Guitar & Bass Playthrough
Slick Audio Commercial
Slick Audio Commercial